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Mobile CI's easy-to-use web-based ALL-IN-ONE DIGITAL MARKETING SUITE combines today's hottest digital marketing channels in one convenient place including email, web, mobile, and social media marketing to offer your business a way to reach your entire audience - all while building strong relationships and customer loyalty like never before.

Orchestrate your multi-channel campaigns IN ONE PLACE, FOR ONE PRICE.

We provide do-it-yourself resources that include webinars, marketing collateral and video tutorials to get you up and running quickly. We're also a full service mobile marketing provider. Some clients need more help or do not know how to implement a mobile marketing strategy. For a very reasonable monthly fee, Mobile CI's team will act as your virtual mobile marketing department and help integrate these new technologies into your existing marketing plan.

Our All-In-One Suite allows you to gradually build and expand a campaign or marketing program. Start out small and grow by creating an email or mobile loyalty program, and later add more features and depth to your marketing program as you become more familiar with the tools. We have a vested interest in our clients' success and approach every client with a partnering attitude to offer the best possible solution and service we can offer.


Mobile Text SMS


SMS and MMS mobile marketing is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to connect with customers. We live in fast-paced world. Most people have a cell phone and use it constantly. Studies show that 95% of text messages are read within 4 seconds. Easily create a Text Club and send those who opt-in to join special offers, coupons, event alerts, announcements, and more with our easy-to-use program. Engage customers, build relationships and customer loyalty by sending marketing messages straight to their mobile phones.


Mobile Text SMS


Easily create a Mobile Loyalty Rewards program or Mobile Coupon program for your customers to join. Automatically send those who join a special offer or coupon to be redeemed. Once they have subscribed continue to build loyalty by having your customers earn points for purchases and unlock rewards all from their mobile phone. No punch card to forget or lose. Or simply send out mobile coupons to your exclusive subscribers to drive repeat visits and boost sales.

Mobile Text SMS


Easily set up an email marketing campaign in minutes. Simply choose from a wide selection of professional email templates, or customize your own email templates with the graphical editor to match your branding. Advanced scheduling options gives you flexible message delivery, and even automatically send email reminders to your subscribers on specific dates or time periods, like every day, week, month, or year.

Organically grow your customer database by incorporating an Online Sign-up Page, Facebook Widget, or mobile keyword in your email to collect valuable data. Collected data includes name, mobile number, landline number, email address, or any other customized information. Track email campaign stats in real-time and our detailed reporting lets you gauge audience engagement by tracking clickthrough rates. Discover what works and what most interests your readers by seeing how many visitors clicked on each link.

Mobile Text SMS


Social media has integrated itself into the busy, everyday lives of consumers. Businesses now have a unique voice with their audiences and kick-start the strongest form of marketing: word-of-mouth. With an audience of millions, you can build your online presence and strengthen brand credibility.

Social media creates referrals, which are the most proven, effective, and trusted form of getting business. Expand your contact database by collecting contact information for future marketing campaigns. Connect with customers by:

Collect any customer data right from your Facebook fanpage to build your contact database and create targeted campaigns.

Boost Facebook Likes and drive traffic to your business by offering coupons conveniently from your Facebook tab.

Easily add and customize tabs for your Facebook page, or instantly create them using our templates.

Gain insight into public opinion and boost audience engagement through surveys from an extended audience on Facebook, mobile, or both.

Give your audience an incentive to Like you by providing a preview of exclusive deals and news they can see only after Liking your fanpage.

Gain exposure by updating your Facebook Business Page(s) and Twitter feeds simultaneously in one easy step.

Mobile Text SMS


View comprehensive analytics and reports on all your campaigns with a personal dashboard for each campaign. Simply pick and choose features from the platform and Mobile CI will consolidate and organize them in one campaign dashboard for easy management and reporting. That way, you simplify your marketing efforts and make tracking and monitoring campaign much easier.

And even more features included:

QR Codes, Appointment Reminders, Mobile Surveys, Mobile E-Cards, Text-To-Screen, Voice Broadcasting and more.


Packages start as low as $59 a month!

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Your customers have gone mobile. Technology has changed the way consumers interact with brands and businesses as more and more people adopt tablets and smartphones. Mobile CI's team can help bring your small business to life with a professionaly designed website that is also optimized for mobile phones. We use the latest mobile web technology to ensure your customers have the best experience on your website on any size screen. See examples




We'll make sure your website is setup automatically and effectively for search engine optimization (SEO). We'll design it with proper site formatting, meta information, and even help ensure your local business is listed on the local major search engines.


With the increasing number of people browsing the web from beyond their desktops, it's critical to have a mobile-friendly website. That's why we include one with every site we build.


Once your site is built, we give you content management tools that will allow you to update images and content on your website, and even create new pages. If you don't have time to update it, we can update it for you for a reasonable cost.


Get Started - Request a Website quote.

Mobile CI follows SMS Marketing and Mobile Coupon guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association

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